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Alexis Grace needs no introductions to followers of the local electronic dance music scene here in South East Asia. This talented young Malaysian started DJing back in the year 2013 and has only continued to move upward in her music career, performing live sets in countries such as as UK, Australia, China. Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand & etc while even having launched her own radio show, ‘Mamamia’, FM-broadcasted in India Superhits 93.5 RED FM and also live mix stream ‘ZOOPHORIA’ on YouTube and IGTV. Alexis Grace was trained as a professional gymnast, hip hop dancer and vocalist during her childhood years before teaching herself how to work the decks. Now, she’s recognised by clubbers and fans around the world for her energetic yet unique style. Alexis Grace are now labelled as #1 female dj in Malaysia, 2017 most influenced female artist and ranked as #8 Djane Mag SEA.

Alexis Grace,在东南亚当地电子音乐界数一数二的强派女DJ。世界各国都有这许多她粉丝。这位才华横溢的年轻马来西亚女生在2013年就开始歌唱训练,是一名合唱团女高音,接着也是一名专业体操运动员。音乐在她的生涯中是不可缺一的,然而她也不断的在音乐生涯中继续向上攀升。Alexis Grace 在英国,澳大利亚,中国,台湾,印度尼西亚,香港,新加坡,泰国,越南,菲利宾和其他东南亚国家都演出过,她甚至推出了自己的电台节目“Mamamia”,在印度的Superhits 93.5 RED FM以及YouTube和IGTV都有上载现场混音交流的节目 ‘ZOOPHORIA’。 Alexis Grace从在童年时期接受过专业体操运动员,嘻哈舞蹈演员和歌手的训练,至今也自学了如何在电子音乐上表演。她充满活力,信心又独特的风格,受到世界各地的俱乐部和粉丝的认可。她在台上的风范也被列为史上最有王派风格,许多到过现场演出的朋友对她的表演恋恋不忘,也因此Alexis Grace成了一位具有影响力的艺人,也是许多大牌商家的广告宠儿。 Alexis Grace现在被标记为马来西亚排名第一的实力派女DJ,2017年受影响最大的女艺术家,2018排名第8位的东南亚排名女DJ。

Mamamia #1 // Mamamia #001
  1. Mamamia #1 // Mamamia #001